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Austrian Event Award 2012

The Austrian event agency eventation won the Austrian event award for the second time! After winning Bronze in 2004, they were awarded with the Gold award in 2012! The event Gira Bergtaufe – Fest im Fels verankert was chosen as the best incentive event in Austria. Key words that came up throughout the organization of this event were sustainability, groundedness, adventure and mountain air. This unique 4-day event was carried out in September 2011 in the Stubai Alps. Thirty-three electrical engineers from Gira Germany took part in it. On a nameless summit near the well-known mountain “Zuckerhütl”, which is registered on a map being 3.336m in altitude, the participants built a summit cross. An exhilarating experience! The summit subsequently was named “Pfaffenkogel. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To build a summit cross is something you probably will never get to do again in your life.” commented Jörg Hessler of Gira Germany. Robert Span, president of the Austrian mountain guide association, was excited as well. The summit book was filled to the last page within a year. And both companies – Gira as well as eventation – are happy to have pleased so many alpinists. Gira is one of the leading medium-sized companies in the electrical industry in Germany. With approximately 1.000 employess, Gira produces high-class switches, plugs, intercoms and intelligent building solutions.

Austrian Event Award 2004

By gaining the Austrian Event Award 2004 in Bronze, Category ‘Marketing Events for less than 100.000 Euros’ the Innsbruck based company ‘eventation Taschler Ltd.’ has been prized for delivering ‘exceptional event services’. Peter Taschler BA: “In this fought-over category it’s not only about creativity and organisational skills, but also about an exceptionally good balance between expenses and output.” The sought-after price was awarded for the production ‘Miraculix on the Rocks’. The management principles developed by Prof. Fredmund Malik (University of St.Gallen/Switzerland) were imposingly implemented in an outdoor environment for participants of Xnet, Siemens Management Consulting. Out of 90 submissions, 14 projects within 6 categories were awarded on the night of the 3 rd of December 2004 at the ‘Design Centre in Linz, Upper Austria.

Magazine Award

The contest 'GEWINN-Jungunternehmer' 2005 was organised for the 16th time by the Austrian business magazine ‘GEWINN' and supported by the Austrian bank ‘Bank Austria-CA’ and the Austrian telecommunication provider ‘ONE’. Eventation managed to be chosen ‘Best Young Enterprise’ in the group ‘Service Providers in Western Austria from a total of 1.500 nominations.

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