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Find answers to the most common questions by our clients here!

Due to our special outdoor competence (both managing partners are qualified mountain- and ski guides) we can actually carry out outdoor activities ourselves. Unlike other agencies we do not have to employ outdoor specialists to do so. You get everything out of “one hand”. Our reaction time is minimised, communication mistakes are ruled out, highest quality is assured and you save money.

No doubt about it – you can organise everything yourself….if you have got a lot of time and know-how concerning event-organisation and programme arrangement. If you are lacking one of these components, however, and if you want to use your time more efficiently, you can rely on us: We know regional specialities, we know how to handle situations locally, we are creative when it comes to programme suggestions and arrangements. We oversee the event efficiently and professionally and we consider the “ifs”.

In order to be able to ensure the smooth running of the event, a qualified ‘eventainer’, i.e. an eventation project manager, has to oversee the event and/or any of the services booked through eventation. We insist on it, because it is a necessary prerequisite of our quality and safety policy.

Our project leaders are called ‘eventainers’. They are in charge of the whole event. It is their responsibility to manage and oversee the event and make sure the whole programme is running smoothly and professionally. They take care that unforeseeable situations are mastered calmly. They have got an eye for even the smallest detail.

Our eventainers speak your language. Fluent English and Italian are our strengths. Our pool of 100 freelance eventainers can also cover ‘exotic’ languages, i.e. Czech, Russian, Japanese, etc.

According to regulations, which became effective on January 1st, 2011, particular services supplied to foreign invoice recipients can be charged with 0% VAT, provided that certain requirements are fulfilled. Further information regarding “Reverse Charge” can be found here:


It is our aim to support our customers’ enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Our outdoor activities are based on experience and are regularly checked for safety standards and highest experiential value. Our team members know that we are open for feedback, new suggestions and alterations. Prior to the event we do our utmost to minimise risks and the likelihood of accidents. We take utmost care to recruit only highly qualified staff, who are trained in first aid and who can handle critical situations. We exclusively use state-of-the-art equipment, which meets highest safety requirements. We consider the participants’ individual abilities and potential dangers. But: 100% safety cannot be guaranteed. One wrong move, one step out of control, boisterousness and group dynamics bear unpredictable risks – beyond our control. You need inform us of special risks if you want to experience the outdoor life safely. Mistakes on our side are covered by our third party insurance policy. Upon request we can arrange accident insurance cover for your participants.

Many activities are influenced by the unpredictability of the weather. We try to motivate the participants to consciously appreciate rain, wind and snow, because according to our experience bad weather can often make an outdoor activity particularly interesting. That’s why ‘bad’ weather does not usually stop us, except for storms and thunderstorms. In this case we think about an alternative “bad-weather-activity”. Three days prior to the event we decide – together with the customer – which activity is going to be carried out. This decision is based on the official local weather forecast (www.alpenverein.at/wetter/index.asp). Additional costs resulting in this change will include 15% handling fee.

All outdoor activities require the following equipment: Walking boots shoes with decent tread and weather-appropriate, warm clothing. Upon request, we can organise hire-equipment. Apart from boots and clothing the rest of the required equipment will be provided by eventation. The customer is fully responsible for damage or loss of the equipment. Costs resulting in damage or loss will include 15% handling fee.

There are several reasons for not using (flame) torches: Forest fires are as likely to happen in winter as they are in summer. Especially in periods of dry cold weather branches are dry and therefore highly inflammable. Furthermore it is much easier to move and walk with a 70 gram head torch than with a 700 gram torch, which is held in your hand. Moreover burn marks and wax stains are not appreciated by the participants. Our tip: The state-of-the-art LED head torch Petzl Tikka Plus – tiny and light weight (70 gram), long lasting up to 400 hours could be an ideal present for your participants. Upon request your company logo can be imprinted. We can offer it for as little as Euro 28,60.

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