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Ideas to Eventain

Some first ideas for you to browse through … you are looking for more? Feel free to contact us! Click on the photos to view more pictures and to learn more about the programmes and activities!

Winter Olympics
This exciting competition is a fun and challenging half-day event. The group will set out on an easy, guided walk to the outdoor location, where warm drinks, a presenter, a DJ and the right music create a positive atmosphere. Four challenges await the teams. Activities offered include a quad challenge, a snowshoe biathlon, Zipflbob, snow tubing, bungee running, snow golf, team ski and many more.

Trapper Day
A day offering three highlights! A guided snowshoe tour takes the group trough snow-capped forests and glistening winter scenery. Then the teams will be equipped with saws, shovels and snow bricks to build the perfect igloo. Last but not least – a ride on a sledge pulled by huskies.

Snow Sculptures
The perfect choice for your evening event: Make snow sculptures illuminated by camp fires and burning torches. Ideas are developed, concepts defined and sculptures brought to life. In addition, each team should come up with a story revolving around their sculptures, which will then be presented to the others. Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

Traces in the Snow
Idyllic snowshoe hike leading through beautiful valleys and featuring wonderful views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Step by step through the fresh snow …
Optional: Refreshing break in a cozy mountain hut. What a ball: An entertaining sledge ride into the valley completes the journey.

Biathlon Competition
A team challenge that demands endurance, precision and teamwork! the participants will have the opportunity to shoot laser riffles and learn how to cross-country ski. Professional guides offer valuable tipps. Afterwards, it's game on!

Winter Classics
Often chosen and always popular – our range of winter classics includes: ice climbing, ice stock tournament, bob and skeleton, ice hockey tournament, ski race and many more.

FunSport Team Challenge
This exciting competition is a fun and challenging half-day event! Guests will set out on an easy, guided walk to the outdoor location. Re-freshing drinks, a presenter, a DJ, and the right music create a positive atmosphere. The activites, to be mastered in teams: Mountain Skyver, Summer Biathlon, Bungee Running, Cross Golf, Sixcup, eBike Challenge, Segway, Archery, Quad, Ziesel and many more.

GPS Rallye
The GPS Rally combines a day in fresh air with challenging team activities. In an outdoor adventure, the teams are required to trace several targets using GPS devices and provided coordinates. When the teams reach the targets, challenging tasks await them. Activities offered include a smell selection buffet, a wheelbarrow race, bungee running, cross golf, a spider web challenge, archery and many more.

Low Elements
This is an outdoor exercise involving team-building elements and fun. The low ropes course includes exercises and obstacles rising one or two metres from the ground in a forest. Every activity focuses on cooperation, communication, creativity, motivation and trust. There is a joint exercise at the end called „lift“ that creates a strong and resonating image: “If everyone pulls one’s weight, we can move mountains together!“

Rowing Race
The teams: Colourful face paintings, team flag, battle call and creative design of the boats. The race: water battle, airbrush and loud cheering from the teammates. The grand finale: a delicious BBQ!

Hut Meeting – Back to Basics
Back to the roots: Meetings and presentations in high alpine terrain at 2.149 meters, cozy and rustic bedrooms. Unique outdoor experiences around the hut: climbing adventures, glacier-cave hike or flying fox – time spent in the mountains is always spectacular and unforgettable! The highlight for early birds: Sunrise-Tour to a mountain lake.

Hiking Tour "Hut to Hut"
A beautiful 3-day tour from hut to hut. Overnight stay in rustic rooms in alpine terrain. An adequate give-away: cozy "Hüttenpatschen" (traditional slippers). Unforgettable outdoor adventures: Flying Fox, Via Ferrata, glacier tour.

A Maze for the Senses
Immerse into another world and rediscover yourself! Blindwalk: Exploring your surroundings without the ability to see. Sign language: Understanding without hearing. Smelling buffet: Recognizing flavours just by its smell. Tasting: Intensive degustation of selected oils and vinegars. Guessing items just by touching.

Summer Classics
Often chosen and always popular – our range of summer classics includes: FunSport challenge, stand-up paddling, cross golf, rowing race, mountain tour, Via Ferrata, summer biathlon and many more.

Tyrolean Evening
Mountain huts and rooms in traditional style, superb food and Tyrolean hospitality – enjoy an unforgettable evening in a mountain hut. A camp fire, drinks as well as traditional music make for a warm welcome. Cosy rooms, Tyrolean food and extraordinary live music create a typical mountain hut atmosphere. Guests up for action will have the opportunity to play traditional mountain hut games.

Gala Evening
Splendid halls defined by style and elegance provide a unique setting for an exclusive gala dinner. Celebrate success, present awards, reward your employees and enjoy culinary delights, all surrounded by an extraordinary atmosphere. Stylish decoration, a high-quality menu as well as the right entertainment programme and live music make the gala night the perfect end to your event day.

Tyrolean Fair
Socialise the traditional way at an authentic Tyrolean fair where it's all about fun and action! Participants can test their skill and concentration at various amusement sections. Games like 'topple the cans', 'the nail game', 'milk the cow', or 'shooting gallery' will test participant's tactile and fine motor skills while games like 'high-striker' (strongman) or 'El Toro' are a challenge for the muscles.

Cooking Class
Together with gourmet chefs you get a glimpse of Austira’s “top cuisine”. Your personal equipment: aprons and cook books. As a team, you start your ‘creative’ work and produce delicious “Amuse-Gueule”. For the spoons to stir faster: Live jazz music and a selection of fine wines.

Casino Night
"Rien ne va plus:" We include the flashy world of gambling casinos in your evening event schedule. It's going to be a memorable night. Roulette, poker or blackjack – gamble all night without taking a risk! Charming Casino Austria croupiers will be on hand at the tables and will assist beginners. With live music and a flying buffet, casino flair and entertainment are guaranteed!

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