Annual conference in Alpbach, 700 participants

GIRA Giersiepen GmbH & Co KG

Customer: “We would like to host our annual conference of the Gira Aktiv Club in Austria. Please send us ideas for suitable destinations and ideas.”

eventation: Organization and execution of the annual conference in Alpbach: Accommodation for 700 participants, construction of the Gira tent, outdoor programmes and two evening events.
As the Congress Centrum Alpbach was too small for this group size, we decided to build a big tent on the surface of the old football field - the only straight surface in Alpbach, however without road access. Thus, we had to make the tent site accessible by building a 300m road to it as well as to lay a water pipeline. To accentuate and enhance the view of the Alpbach mountains, a transparent glass tent was built. Heartfelt decoration, suitable furniture and a lot of love for detail made the Gira tent the ideal location for the conference mornings and an evening event.
In the context of the outdoor programme “Discover Aplbach”, hiking tours of diverse degree of difficulty were offered to the 700 participants. Local handcraft workshops were included in the tours.
The hut evening at the “Hornboden” with its “Perchten” Show (typical Tyrolean tradition) was a big success. The perfect ending to the entire conference was the evening event “Alpen-glow” with various live performances and DJ entertainment in the Gira tent.


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