Mountain Incentive in the Stubai Valley, 33 participants

GIRA Giersiepen GmbH & Co KG

Key words: Sustainability, groundedness, adventure and mountain air.

eventation: Organization and execution of the mountain incentive “Gira Bergtaufe – Fest im Fels verankert”. This unique 4-day event was carried out in the Stubai Alps. Thirty-three electrical engineers from Gira Germany took part in it. On a nameless summit near the well-known mountain “Zuckerhütl”, which is registered on a map being 3.336m in altitude, the participants built a summit cross. An exhilarating experience! The summit subsequently was named “Pfaffenkogel. The summit book was filled to the last page within a year. And both companies – Gira as well as eventation – are happy to have pleased so many alpinists. Eventation was awarded the Austrian Event Award in Gold for this incentive – the Oscar of the Austrian event sector.

Customer: „This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To build a summit cross is something you probably will never get to do again in your life.”, commented Jörg Hessler of Gira Germany.


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