Product Presentation in Seefeld, 13 x 50 participants

Pirelli - Staff Italia

Customer: Launch of the new Pirelli winter tire Sottozero 3.

eventation: A total of 550 tire dealers from all over Europe took part in this two-week event, which took place at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Extraordinary test tracks were prepared in Leutasch and Seefeld. The conditions were perfect for the first week of the event: sunshine, cool temperatures, snow-covered roads. But then came the Föhn (warm wind coming from the South) and due to the mild temperatures, the test tracks literally started melting away. Eventation had to come up with a plan B – the faster the better. Spontaneously, the test tracks were moved to the 2.000 meter high Kühtai. The following days of the „Winter Tyre Launch Sottozero 3“ ran smoothly and perfectly: The participants drove in convoy from the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol to the Kühtai. A beautiful snow-covered track surrounded by 2 meter snow walls led from the pass summit down to the Graf Ferdinand House at 2.145 meters. After getting a taste of the best Apfelstrudel and cheese cake in the world, the track continued to the „Alpine safety driving track Kühtai“, the highest test track in Austria. This is where the participants also had the chance to experience a round on the co-driver’s seat while professional pilotes drove in rallye speed. An unforgettable experience!

Customer: „A huge THANK YOU for the valuable support, the indesputable professionalism, the cooperativeness and the focus on the search for alternative solutions! The event was a big success. Thank you also to the Interalpen-Hotel for recommending eventation as the DMC. They have really always found the best solutions for the event.“!


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