Winter Incentive in Seefeld, 245 Personen

Milka - WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner GmbH

Customer: Half-day outdoor programme "Mountain Mania"

eventation: Various outdoor fun activities, from bungee-running to snowtubing! The perfect conclusion for the entire group: "The Lift". A total of 245 participants tried to lift a palette of chocolates of approximately 400kg. The managed to lift it onto the three podiums "GOOD - GREAT - GREATEST". An impressive achievement!

Customer: "I liked the closing activity "the Lift" the best, even though it was close! In addition, I was impressed by the motivational skills of the entire evenentation staff, who really contributed to a positive atmosphere. I would also like to underline the smooth scheduling that always went according to plan. Also: the good preparation and flexible handling of participant numbers."


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