Our team consists of a lively mix of interesting personalities, versatile qualities and varying experiences. However - there is one thing we have in common: irrepressible joy of „eventaining“.

Mag. Peter Taschler

Master of the House

Entrepreneur with heart & soul. Married with 3 children. Born 1971. Climbing junkie. Security fanatic. Cares for his people. Frugal. Master of the German language. Reliable. Child of South Tyrolean mountain farmers with 6 siblings. Structured. Fan of ISO 9001. Loves his hammock & Spaghetti puttanesca. Corsica camper. Often underestimated. Tall. Certified mountain- & ski-guide. Likes Johnny Cash. Capable of reverse parking a car trailer. Man of digits. Fancies Petzl, Mammut & Patagonia. 20.000 photos/year. Honest & direct. Adores Ludwig von Mises. Likes the indoors & the outdoors even more. Has a lot of reasons to be thankful. Founder & owner of the eventation Company.

+43 512 305077-20

Simon Leiter M.A.

Project Management

Born (1985) and raised in Osttirol. Started his career as a shepherd, then continued to study Marketing Management and Tourism. Passionate about taking pictures - especially while travelling around the world. Could spend hours watching live concerts on Youtube but enjoys playing his cajon even more. Loves hiking and biking in the mountains. Enjoys organizing events and delighting people with details. Part of the eventation team since July 2014.

+43 512 305077-50

Sonja Hausberger

Project Management

Born-and-bred in Innsbruck. Married. 2 children. Born 1970. Reliable, on time & stress resistant. Likes to speak en français. Gets lost in Yoga and lets off steam by running. Knows all about vegetarian dishes and loves to check out the culinary scene. Fan of cinema and theatre visits. Likes to spend time in the moutnains, preferably with her family. Lover of bizarre movies and tales. Specialist in air travel and always up for a city trip. Part of the eventation team since January 2014.

+43 512 305077-30

Rossana Oettl M.Sc.

Project Management

Half German, half Peruvian. Born 1989. Raised in Upper Bavaria’s beautiful countryside. In love with Innsbruck since 2008. Master of strategic management. Works purposeful and structured. Loves mountains, nature, skiing, climbing and biking. Enjoys sleeping under the free sky. Loves challenges. Conquers South American glaciers with skies. Likes to laugh a lot. Has an impressive amount of candy at home. Former ski racer. Press Manager of the Peruvian Alpine Skiing Team at the Winter Olympics 2010. Eventainer since April 2017.

+43 512 305077-60

Caroline Reichtomann B.A.

Project Assistant

Half-Half mixture from Innsbruck and Mühlviertel. Born 1992. Friend of modern order. Still student and maid-of-all-work by eventation. Prefers the mountains, the cinema or the café. Would love to speak russian fluently. Climber, Archer, Travel-Blogger. Constantly planning her next journeys. Feels comfortable in finnish winters. Loves sauna and ice swimming. One day, she will climb the Matterhorn. Can eat two bar of chocolate each day. Passionate chef and cookbook reader. Eventainer since 2015.

+43 512 305077-40

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