How we work

We want our quotes to be clear and transparent. Therefore we have thoroughly listed our services and the respective costs.

Request status

Programme ideas

free of charge

Your enquiry reaches us We send you programme ideas with pictures and costs.

First consultation

free of charge

Interested? We are happy to consult you and obtain your detailed briefing!

Site inspection

free of charge

For half a day one of our project leader is at your service free of charge. He will show you the most important locations, introduces you to our main partners and talks to you about the schedule.

Quote for research, concept and compilation of costs

free of charge

After having received your detailed briefing we furnish you with a quote for research, concept and compilation of costs.

Research, concept, costs

€ 69,- / hour plus 20% VAT

In order to be able to proceed, we now need your written confirmation, i.e. your written ‘agency-order’. For ours Services, Organisation and billing, an hourl rate of €69,- is applicable (based on the provided cost estimate).

Booking status

Scheduling, planning, overseeing, co-ordination, invoicing, documentation

€ 69,- / hour plus 20% VAT

After having received your booking confirmation we start organising your event. Our hourly rate for scheduling, planning, overseeing, co-ordinating, invoicing and documenting is € 69,- per hour (time documentation).

Eventation services and external services

Fixed prices

We charge fixed rates for services on our own account (e.g. Eventation’s outdoor programmes)and for services provided by our Partners (e.g. transfer, Food) according to the cost estimate.


PP* + 7%

For beverages (according to consumption) we charge a handling fee of 7% on top of the purchase price.

* PP = Eventation’s purchase price

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